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Bute Film Club

Bute Film Club

Sunday 23rd October - Horror

Stanley Kubrick's 1980 psychological horror film based on the Stephen King novel, and starring Jack Nicholson. A writer takes a job as a caretaker in an isolated hotel, where the family become snowbound. Madness takes over the write with terrifying consequences. Nicholson at his most unnerving.

Sunday 6th November - Drama

A romantic drama starring Cate Blanchett. Set in the 1950s of New York it is a story of love, frustration and desire. Receiving six Oscar nominations, a film of critical acclaim. 

Sunday 29th November - Foreign Language

An Iranian docu-fiction by Jafar Panahi. Driving a taxi, his passengers confide the details of their lives in him. Panahi is banned from travel and film making in Iran, so this award winning film was made covertly. Funny, moving and brave (subtitled)

Sunday 4th December - Musical

A Busby Berkeley extravaganza!! Four aspiring actresses, one producer, no money, one boyfriend... "Let's put on a show". Songs such as "We're in the Money" and fantastic dance sequences, featuring a young Ginger Rogers.

Sunday 22nd January - Comedy

Set in 1929, two musicians need to leave Chicago having witnessed the St Valentine's Day massacre. They hightail it to Miami in a hurry, and in drag. Starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon. Simply one of the best comedy films ever. 

Sunday 5th February - Western

Starring Clint Eastwood as a Missouri farmer seeking revenge for the murder of his family during the American Civil War. He becomes an outlaw, pursued by bounty hunters. Clint Eastwood at his tobacco spitting, cold eye staring, angry man best. Cert 18

Sunday 19th February - Documentary

A documentary about the backing singers who stand twenty feet from the headline act, and from stardom. Oscar winner for Best Documentary Feature 2014. The "starts" include Mick Jagger, Bette Midler, Sting, and Bruce Springsteen. 

Sunday 5th March - Thriller

A British psychological thriller. Chilling. Two fashionable London couples, two pregancies, and instant connection and friendship... but something is oddly amiss. Stylish and sinister. 

All screenings 7:30pm (doors open 7pm)
Full Membership £40 or £22.50 per half season. Guests £6.50
Please note 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' is Certificate 18